The Mirror The Map is a consultancy & realization firm specializing in
Sustainable Business Development. We provide our clients with reflection and direction.
It is our mission to guide you to a state of  Sustainable Value Creation.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?


The Mirror The Map The Mirror The Map


“ Reward what you want to happen ”

The Mirror The Map, Sustainable Business Development - Realization

Strategy is about what to do, and what not to do. It is important to focus!
Doing the right things the right way creates sustainable value. It requires effective realization of individual actions, which are aligned with the overall strategy and integrated action plans throughout the organization.
Leadership runs through the entire process of translating strategy into results and is key to engaging the hearts and minds of people.

The ultimate goal is to enable organizations to effectively translate strategic intent all the way through to results through a process of communication, project management, setting individual targets, aligning work plans, measuring progress, assessing, and providing feedback. 

Performance management, supported with an effective IT system, is the key to success.
- Do your people really engage with your strategy?

- How well is your organizational purpose translated into the individual roles?
- Are you using the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to realize your objectives?

The Mirror The Map provides clients reflection and direction. We help by aligning your structure, systems and processes. We help you optimize your results by measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your

organization. Continuous feedback will help your teams reflect and focus. The culture will shift into a Learning Organization.

The result: Sustainable Value Creation.

Our services include:
Interim Management 
Training & Coaching