The Mirror The Map is a consultancy & realization firm specializing in
Sustainable Business Development. We provide our clients with reflection and direction.
It is our mission to guide you to a state of  Sustainable Value Creation.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?


The Mirror The Map The Mirror The Map


“ All we need is a room with a view ”

The Mirror The Map, Sustainable Business Development - Consultancy  Today’s business environment is changing more rapidly than ever before.
Globalization, scarcity of resources, technological developments, transportation, e-commerce and social media have changed the competitive landscape and the rules of engagement.
The value chain is becoming shorter, barriers to enter the market are lower, competitors are better informed, and consumers require more transparency.

At the same time these trends have provided major opportunities for Innovation, increased Stakeholder Engagement, (International) Business Development, and lower Total Cost of Sales. This opens room for new customers from different cultures and with different backgrounds.

The world is your customer!

To be successful as a company requires more than a quality product. Leadership, vision, knowledge, creativity and network have become a bear necessity. 

The Mirror The Map provides clients with reflection and direction. We help you with your strategic positioning, marketing planning,and sales channels development in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Furthermore we help you optimize your results by aligning the organization.

It is our mission to guide you to a state of Sustainable Value Creation.

Our services include:
- Strategy Consultancy
- Sales Consultancy